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120 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank

120 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank

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  • Introducing the ultimate solution for reptile enthusiasts seeking both practicality and innovation – the Dual-Compartment 120 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank. This thoughtfully designed tank redefines reptile habitat management, providing a secure and customizable environment for your beloved pets.

    Key Features:

    Dual Doors for Easy Access: The sliding doors offer effortless access for maintenance and feeding, simplifying your interaction with your Bearded dragon..

    Removable Mesh Cover with Wire Slot: The full screen top ensures unhindered UVB and infrared penetration, and its complete removability facilitates stress-free decorating and cleaning. Durable locks securely fasten the screen to the tank frame. Additionally, built-in closable inlets on both sides enable the safe passage of wires and tubing while preventing the escape of small reptiles and feeder insects.

    Waterproof Base: Our tank boasts a water-tight design up to the hinged doors, creating opportunities for aquatic features or natural water setups for your amphibious companions. Each tank undergoes rigorous leak testing to ensure a secure environment.

    Raised Bottom for Heating Efficiency: The raised bottom glass panel streamlines the mounting of a substrate heater or heat cable, mitigating common heating accessory challenges. This design promotes optimal air circulation, maintaining consistent hot and cold spots throughout the tank.

    Anti-Escaping Lock for Added Security: Our specially designed lock provides an extra layer of protection against unwanted openings, ensuring the safety of your reptiles from curious pets or children.

    Stackable Convenience: The included 2-pack of tanks can be used separately or stacked, offering versatile arrangement options tailored to your preferences.


  • Total Capacity (gallons): 120 gallons (67 gallons and 53 gallons)
  • Dual-Compartment Design

Experience the next level of reptile habitat management with the Dual-Compartment 120 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank. Elevate your reptile-keeping journey with dual functionality, secure design, and unparalleled convenience. This tank empowers you to create a tailored environment that nurtures your pets while seamlessly integrating into your space. Get ready to reimagine reptile care today.


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