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Bearded Dragon Hammocks

Bearded Dragon Hammocks

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Introducing our Bearded Dragon Hammocks, specially designed to provide comfort and entertainment for your scaly friend. Our hammocks are carefully crafted with attention to detail and feature various elements to ensure a cozy and safe experience for your bearded dragon.

• High-Quality Materials: Our hammocks are constructed with nickel-free, non-toxic chain that hangs 1" (2.54cm) - 2" (5.08cm) off the ground. This chain is safe for your dragon and provides a secure support system.

• Easy Hanging: Each hammock comes with an attached clip for effortless hanging inside the enclosure. It is recommended to clip the hammock on the cool side of the tank, allowing your dragon to relax in a comfortable and temperature-controlled environment.

• Handmade Boho Style Pillow: The hammock includes a handmade boho style pillow with an approximate thickness of 1"-2". This soft and cozy cotton print pillow offers a comfortable resting spot for your dragon to lounge and unwind.

• Size Options: We offer two sizes of Lizard Pillow Bed Swings to cater to different age groups and sizes of bearded dragons. The Small-Medium size is suitable for baby to juvenile dragons, with the cotton print pillow sitting on a 6" (17.78cm) plastic disc. The Medium-Large size is ideal for juvenile to adult dragons, with the pillow sitting on a 9" (22.86cm) plastic disc. Both sizes have an approximate height of 14" (35.56cm) from the plastic disc.

• Safety Note: While bearded dragons are naturally curious creatures, it is important to supervise their interaction with the Lizard Pillow Bed Swing. Regularly inspect the hammock for any missing parts or signs of wear to ensure your dragon's safety and enjoyment.

a variety of stylish options to suit your dragon's taste and enhance their enclosure. Choose from an array of stunning designs and colors, including:

  • • Yellow/Sunflower
  • • Red/Teal Lines
  • • Pink/Gray
  • • Blue/Black
  • • Gray Flooring
  • • Red/Orange
  • • Green Metallic
  • • Silver Stars
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