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Bearded Dragon Harness

Bearded Dragon Harness

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Introducing the Bearded Dragon Harness: Perfect Fit for Grown Dragons!

Enhance your bearded dragon's outdoor experience with our meticulously designed Bearded Dragon Harness. Tailored specifically for adult bearded dragons, this harness ensures a secure fit, accommodating sizes from 6" and safely expanding up to 10".

Handcrafted in a variety of unique colors, our harnesses are a testament to both style and quality. Your bearded dragon will not only be comfortable but also look stylish during your outdoor adventures.

Crafted with your dragon's comfort in mind, our harness material is selected to prevent sticking to their scales, offering a secure and enjoyable experience.

Please note that this listing includes the harness only; it does not come with a leash. However, the harness pairs seamlessly with most standard leashes, giving you control and flexibility during your dragon's walks.


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