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Bearded dragon water fountine

Bearded dragon water fountine

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Welcome to the Bearded Dragon Water Fountaine! Our top-of-the-line reptile automatic water circulation Dispenser is perfect for those who want to provide their reptiles with a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water. This Dispenser features double deep filtration, which ensures that your water is always clean and purified. Additionally, the faint waterfall-type sound creates a natural habitat feel for your reptile, making them feel right at home. Lastly, the activated carbon filter cotton provides high-quality water, so you can rest assured that your reptile is getting the best possible water. Thanks for choosing the Bearded Dragon Water Fountaine!


  • Double Filter System Our bearded dragon water bowl is specially designed with double deep filtration: activated carbon filter cotton and PP checkered board, which helps to provide clean and soft high-quality water.
  • Active Flowing Water Exquisite and ingenious design with living water gathering on the simulated leaves, and then water flows which fully stimulates a wild flowing water source like a waterfall environment, that attracts a lot of your pet bearded dragons to drink more water.
  • Adjustable Water Output bearded dragon drinking fountain has a large water capacity (800ml/27.05oz)) with 3 levels for adjusting the water flow amount, it can adjust the water drip speed to customize the right amount of water for bearded dragon drinking needs.
  • Ultra Quiet Operation Adopts with ultra-quiet 2.5W low power consumption submersible pump for this bearded dragon water bowl, which can save power while using. Furthermore, it will not bother bearded dragons to rest and sleep even at night with quite soothing water sounds.
  • Automatic Circulation Our reptile water dispenser is made of food-grade plastic and is safe to use. It is an automatic circulation filtering drinking fountain with unique landscaping decoration, ensuring the healthy growth of climbing bearded dragons.

How to Use?
Add water, plug in and can use immediately.


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