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Leather Harness--Fire Dragon with Wings

Leather Harness--Fire Dragon with Wings

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Discover the perfect solution to keep your cherished Dragon, comfortable, and stylish with our exclusive Beardies Lovers harness! Handcrafted with care, this harness is designed from ultra-soft, flexible leather and features attached wings (non-removable) for a unique and appealing look.

Sizing for Perfect Fit:

Before you embark on this exciting journey, it's important to ensure a snug fit for your pet. Simply measure their circumference below the front legs, as illustrated in the listing image.

Available Sizes (in inches):

  • X-Small:

    • Harness: 2.5''
    • Adjusts: 2.25-3.25''
    • Includes: 4 ft microcord leash with snap hook
    • Suited for: Baby bearded dragons, baby iguanas, and similar-sized companions
  • Small:

    • Harness: 3.5''
    • Adjusts: 3.25-4.25''
    • Includes: 4 ft microcord leash with snap hook
    • Perfect for: Juvenile bearded dragons, adult leopard geckos, and similar-sized pals
  • Medium:

    • Harness: 4.5''
    • Adjusts: 4.25-5.25''
    • Includes: 5 ft paracord leash with keyring hook
    • Ideal for: Juvenile-sub adult bearded dragons, and similar-sized buddies
  • Large:

    • Harness: 6''
    • Adjusts: 5.75-6.75''
    • Includes: 5 ft paracord leash with keyring hook
    • Tailored to: Adult bearded dragons and similarly sized lizards

Proper Measuring Technique:

In case you don't have a soft measuring tape handy, a simple string can be used. Wrap it around your pet, mark the length, and then measure the string. Please note, if you mistakenly order the wrong size, returns are accepted for a refund (shipping charges apply, and the buyer is responsible for return shipping).

Harness Usage and Safety:

Let's be clear, our harnesses are not designed for walking or restraining your pet as you would a dog. They offer your companion the freedom to explore indoors and outdoors while keeping them secure. Each harness includes a hook to attach to your pant loop or other suitable items. Exercise caution and never drag your pet while using the harness.

What Sets Our Harness Apart:

  • Crafted with the utmost care using the softest, most flexible leather/faux leather, ensuring your pet's comfort is paramount

  • Uniquely designed winged harnesses angle backward to avoid unsettling your pet's peripheral vision

  • Larger and backward-angled arm holes offer superior range of motion and comfort, setting us apart from other brands

  • Proudly handmade in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality compared to low-grade alternatives often imported from China

  • Options for both leather and vegan leather, catering to diverse preferences

  • Equipped with quality brass and nickel grommets for leash hole security

  • Thoughtfully designed to maximize skin exposure, enhancing basking capabilities

  • Leashes made with premium paracord, avoiding snagging on delicate scales

  • Safety-enhanced design, as harnesses reduce the risk of choking associated with rope/paracord leashes

Embark on a journey of safety, comfort, and style with our Beardies Lovers harnesses, specially crafted to cater to your pet's unique needs. Enjoy the freedom of exploration and provide your beloved companion with the ultimate combination of security and fashion.

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