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PVC Enclosure 1” Stacker / Spacer (Set of 4)

PVC Enclosure 1” Stacker / Spacer (Set of 4)

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Introducing our PVC Enclosure Stackers/Spacers, a set of 4 specially designed accessories to enhance the functionality of our PVC enclosures. With these stackers/spacers, you can easily stack one enclosure on top of another while maintaining a 1" space for wires and allowing proper ventilation from the screen top.

Compatible with our 60-gallon enclosures, you can stack them on themselves or on top of 1-2 120-gallon enclosures. For the 50-gallon enclosures, stacking is limited to self-stacking only.

It's important to note that if you plan on adding more than 25 pounds of weight inside your enclosure, we highly recommend using our optional support bars. These two aluminum bars can be securely installed from the front to the back, providing additional stability and support to the bottom panel of the enclosure. You can find the support bars available in our shop.

Experience the convenience and versatility of our PVC Enclosure Stackers/Spacers. Create customized setups and maximize space efficiency while ensuring proper airflow and organization in your reptile habitats. Elevate your enclosure setup to a whole new level with these essential accessories.

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