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Snuggy Buggy Toy

Snuggy Buggy Toy

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Introducing the Adorable Snuggy Buggy Stuffed Hornworm for Your Lizard!

Enhance your lizard's cozy moments and create picture-perfect opportunities with our charming Snuggy Buggy Stuffed Hornworm. Crafted to provide comfort during sleepy times and adorable photo ops, this plush companion is a delightful addition to your pet's world.

However, we want to emphasize a crucial safety note: It's important not to leave Snuggy Buggy in your beardy enclosure during the day or when your pet is unsupervised. The eyes on Snuggy Buggy could pose a choking hazard, and we genuinely care about the well-being of your beloved reptile. Our priority is to ensure your dragon's safety and enjoyment.

Designed with attention to detail, Snuggy Buggy is tailored for lizards of all sizes, whether larger or smaller than a dragon. If you require a size adjustment to suit your dragon unique needs, please don't hesitate to let us know. Your bearded dragon comfort and safety matter to us, and we're here to make sure Snuggy Buggy is a perfect fit for your scaly friend.

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