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Travel Bearded Dragon Cage

Travel Bearded Dragon Cage

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Introducing our Travel Bearded Dragon Cage - a spacious and secure outdoor enclosure designed with your bearded dragon's comfort and safety in mind! With over 30 square feet of activity space, this large cage provides plenty of room for your beloved beardie to roam, bask, and explore. The widened 21.5-inch diameter zipper door allows for easy access, making it convenient for you to interact with your pet and provide them with all their essentials.

Designed for simplicity and convenience, our cat tent is a breeze to set up and take down in just seconds, making it the perfect choice for camping trips and outdoor adventures with your bearded dragon. The portable and lightweight design allows for easy transportation, and it easily folds into a compact carrying bag for storage when not in use - no hassle, no fuss!

Crafted with sturdy and bendable support rods made of premium materials, our bearded dragon cage ensures your pet's safety and protection, even in the great outdoors. If you're planning to camp on a windy day, don't forget to bring the included tent nails for added stability.

This versatile enclosure serves multiple purposes - it's not only a cozy resting and sleeping space for your bearded dragon, but also a pet tent that provides shade and protection from summer pests like mosquitoes. Whether you set it up in the balcony, patio, porch, or yard, your bearded dragon will enjoy the fresh air and outdoor environment while you have peace of mind being able to monitor their well-being.




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